To get success in any business it's really important to do a painting of it beforehand. The Media Planning and Buying is a long-term process from starting to ending. It is the procedure of strategizing, arranging, and obtaining promotion positions. When arranging what stock to buy, organizers must think about the item being publicized, a target group of onlookers, and crusade objectives. What's more, not exclusively are media purchasers in charge of making the underlying buy, yet in addition to proceeding to improve execution all through the whole battle life-cycle. Plan, buy, order, traffic, analyze, reconcile, are the parts of the whole process of Media Planning and Buying.

The process of planning includes:

  • What is the targetted audience through the different media?
  • On which media the marketing should be done?
  • How incessant should the promotions be put?
  • The amount of money should be spent in every medium?

Tools used are:

  • Online Advertising Research Tools
  • Online Advertising Competitive Intelligence Tools
  • Demand-side Platforms
  • Offline Advertising Research Tools